Ask Rotoman News, June 25 Edition

The biggest news is that The Fantasy Football Guide 2020 is shelved. The publisher was getting too few advance orders from skittish retailers, and so we’re taking a pass for this season. We hope there’s a football season this fall and you can enjoy it without the Guide.

The goal is to be back for baseball come January, if possible.

In the meantime, we have baseball potentially starting up. Updated projections and prices for buyers of The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2020, reflecting the 60 game season and the unbalanced schedule, will be available on July 9th on the Updates and Corrections page here.

Feel free to ask Rotoman any questions about this strange and endangered season.

Despite pessimism about the chance the full 60 games get played, I’m looking forward to reconsidering baseball again.

Last time I bought this team in the Tout Wars NL auction back in March.

Corrections for the Fantasy Football Guide 2017

Screenshot 2017-08-01 12.00.48The Guide hit stores last week, and we are listing the corrections we find and hear about here. Return for regular updates, unless we got everything else right.

“Dear Mr. Rotoman:

I was reading the EVERYBODY HURTS injury report and I love the lyrics theme that you got going on. As a DJ I understand the long hours that goes into the craft so I  can appreciate the incorporation of lyrical references in a fantasy football write up. On page 24, the section about A.J. Green you mentioned “Buy, Buy, Buy” and referenced the Backstreet Boys.  This was actually N’sync.  I am not sure that is the actual joke because they are both forgettable or it was an error. 
Signed, One Man Party”
I asked the writer, John LaPresto, what happened: “Amazing. Out of all the things I talked about or made fun of, this is the thing you get an email about haha. Well, I’m not too proud to admit that yes, I did in fact get my boy bands confused. I thought I knew who it was for sure but, I apologize for not fact double checking. Who would have thought boy bands from 15 years ago would still be annoying us somehow. . .”

Corrections for Fantasy Football Guide 2016

On page 2, in the credits for the Position Pages, Marc Meltzer’s name is spelled incorrectly. Sorry Marc.


The lists of teams with the easiest schedules are wrong. Here is the correct info (and sorry for missing this):


Easiest Schedules:
Chicago, Tennessee, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore

Easiest Playoffs:
Oakland, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Detroit, and Buffalo

Hardest Schedules:
New England, Indianapolis, Miami, San Francisco, and New Orleans

Hardest Playoffs:
New England, Seattle, Cincinnati, Green Bay, and Miami


Easiest Schedules:
Baltimore, Dallas, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Cincinnati

Easiest Playoffs:
Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Oakland, San Diego, and New York Giants

Hardest Schedules:
New England, Philadelphia, New York Jets, Buffalo, and Indianapolis

Hardest Playoffs:
Seattle, Denver, Indianapolis, Tennessee, and New England


Easiest Schedules:
Indinapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, San Diego, and Green Bay

Easiest Playoffs:
Buffalo, Jacksonville, San Diego, Indianapolis, and San Francisco

Hardest Schedules:
Washington, Cleveland, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia

Hardest Playoffs:
Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Arizona, Baltimore, and Oakland

Washington Post Poll Supports Dan Snyder’s View!

PETA suggested way to retain team name without slur.

A couple of years ago I made the decision to drop the Washington NFL team’s name from The Fantasy Football Guide.

The rationale was simple. The name derived from a term common to scalp hunters during the Indian wars of the 19th Century. It was considered offensive by many Native Americans. The team’s own history of use of the name began with a racist and his racist intentions. Or, as Tara Houska, quoted in the New York Times article today about the WaPo poll, said:

“Ms. Houska, who lives in Washington, said she was bracing for all the people who would be waving the poll in her face — “the poll, the poll, the poll” — and saying she had no right to be offended by the name of the local football team.

That the matter is even up for debate baffles her.

“It’s a straight-up slur,” she said. “It’s a dictionary-defined racial slur. It should be a no-brainer — but somehow, it’s not.”

After the first magazine issue without the team name came out I received a number of angry letters from people saying that if they’d read the Editor’s Letter about the issue before buying the magazine they would have put it back on the rack. Some were mad because I was attacking their team, their Nation, and they would not stand for that. Others were mad because they saw in my stance the influence of the mad culture of political correctness, in which it is suddenly and (to apparently many) improper to seek to avoid needlessly insulting people and hatefully reminding them that they have it worse than you.

I’m sure we lost some sales since then to these folks, but sales overall are up andI get more letters each year from folks who like the magazine than the year before, so I can live with the consequences of pushing this small principle.

But learning today about this poll disturbs me a bit. Could it be true that 90 percent of the polled Native Americans don’t have a problem with the Washington team’s name? And the poll reports that 80 percent would not be offended if called redskin by a non Native American. There are questions about the poll. The sample was small and there are questions about the demographics. I would be more suspicious of these results if they didn’t echo a 2004 Annenberg poll on the issue that has always been looked at as on the margins, since so much Native American institutional strength was allied against the Washington NFL team name.

The Times article goes into the process of once offensive expressions becoming something else, relates stories from different cultures, but returns ultimately to Ms. Houska, and ends with her quote, which I included above. It’s well worth reading.

Now, production is underway on the Fantasy Football Guide 2016 and I’ve got some thinking to do. Ten percent of 5.4M Native Americans is 540,000 people. That’s not a small number to offend with something as trivial as a team name. I’m inclined to continue the boycott, even if it isn’t politically correct in these times.

Tim Heaney’s Real Mock Draft Simulation

FFG15-coverIn the Fantasy Football Guide 2015 Professional Edition mock draft, we had a glitch (as discussed earlier on the corrections page). Tim Heaney, sportswriter at USA Today, friend, and all around good guy, was unable to connect with the draft room, and his team was autopicked.

The problem was that we did not have time to gather another 14 fantasy experts and have another mock draft, and while Tim’s team was not one he would have picked in a million years, it wasn’t a total joke. Tim agreed to comment on his autopicks, and we decided to run with what we had.

Kind of like having an online draft with 13 regs and that one guy who always screws up.

While writing this up for the correction page it occurred to me that I should have had Tim write up who he would have taken with each of his picks, if he’d actually been drafting. Shoulda, but I didn’t, then. But I did this week, and here are the guys Tim says he would have picked if he’d been able (he had the 12th pick) :

1 Calvin Johnson WR1

2 C.J. Anderson RB1

3 Keenan Allen WR2

4 C.J. Spiller RB2

5 Matthew Stafford QB1

6 Charles Sims RB3

7 Charles Johnson WR3

8 David Johnson RB4

9 Pierre Garcon WR4

10 Tyler Eifert TE1

11 Danny Woodhead RB5

12 Rueben Randle WR5

13 Jameis Winston QB2

14 Dan Herron RB6

15 Indianapolis Colts DT1

16 Matt Prater PK


Corrections for the Fantasy Football Guide 2015

FFG15-coverWe sometimes make misteaks. Sometimes big misteaks. This is the place we list them and try to make it right.

We very much appreciate your helping with this. Send any errors to askrotoman (at) Thanks.

The first email I received about the magazine was this one:

Dear Editor,

 I am disappointed with your magazine. You have several players as this years breakouts and as overhyped players. Can you explain why they are in both categories?

Your mock draft is a joke. I enjoy reading different writers strategies on why they picked who they did and what adjustments they had to make during the draft. All you did was a auto draft.

 I would not recommend your 2015 Fantasy Football Guide to anyone.


I hate letters like this, because I feel misunderstood, and worry I didn’t communicate what was happening clearly enough. Here’s what we have in the magazine that think is worth recommending:

The front section of the magazine are one line comments by the magazine’s writers about NFL awards and the top Rookies, Breakout and Overhyped players for 2015. It is a jumble of different opinions by different writers, who are identified by name. Some writers think some players are potential Breakouts, while other writers think those same players are being Overhyped.

This is a feature, not a bug. It is the conversation about these competing points of view that should help us sort out who to take earlier this year, and who to take later.

As for the Mock Draft, we had a mix up and 13 owners drafted their teams live, and Tim Heaney did not. Because of the timing it was not possible to redo the Mock, and Heaney kindly enough wrote about the draft software’s picks.

I wish it were different, I would like to know Heaney’s actual choices for those spots (hmm, I think I should have asked him), but those of us involved with the draft thought the information was still valid and useful, even if not pure.

I’ll post other issues here as they come in.


The following are my fault. I seem to have joined the 2015 team name to these guys, rather than their new teams. I’m sorry for the error. Thanks to Corey Stanley.

Page 53, Larry Fitzgerald Profile: Should have a Cardinals helmet.

Page 49. Mike Evans: Should have a Buccaneers helmet

Page 40, LeSean McCoy is on the Bills, not the Eagles.

Page 40, DeMarco Murray is on the Eagles, not the Cowboys.

Page 51, Andre Johnson should be on the Colts.

The Spring Training Football Yes FOOTBALL Podcast Is Posted!

FFG14_PodcastLogoIt kind of ticks me off when I’m searching for fantasy baseball news during spring training and I come across people talking about football. I mean, everything in its place!

But Andy and Derek, who handle the fantasy football podcast here DURING football season, got excited and started talking.

Please forgive. Please listen, if you care to, and then get back to baseball!