Rotoman on Mets 360 Podcast

Screenshot 2017-08-10 08.07.51Brian Joura invited me onto his show to talk about the Mets and baseball in general. Challenging questions led to a fun time. Listen here.

Rotoman Speaks, with Joel Henard and Mike Hilbig!

On blogtalkradio this week, having fun.

The Spring Training Football Yes FOOTBALL Podcast Is Posted!

FFG14_PodcastLogoIt kind of ticks me off when I’m searching for fantasy baseball news during spring training and I come across people talking about football. I mean, everything in its place!

But Andy and Derek, who handle the fantasy football podcast here DURING football season, got excited and started talking.

Please forgive. Please listen, if you care to, and then get back to baseball!

The Week 15 Fantasy Football Podcast is Posted!

Andy and Derek preview this week’s big games, from a fantasy playoff perspective.

Come On Up to the Table! The Week 13 Fantasy Football Podcast is Up!

Andy and Derek’s podcast this week is full of tips to help you win your game this week, without having to loosen your belt. Good luck.

Fantasy Football Podcast Week 12!

Andy and Derek discuss this week’s games.

Listen here.

Week 11 Podcast is Up!

The Andy and Derek Show Fantasy Football Podcast (Week 9) is Up!

You can listen to it here.

Andy and Derek’s (almost) Weekly Fantasy Football Podcast is Here for Week 8!

You can listen here.