Corrections for the Fantasy Football Guide 2015

FFG15-coverWe sometimes make misteaks. Sometimes big misteaks. This is the place we list them and try to make it right.

We very much appreciate your helping with this. Send any errors to askrotoman (at) Thanks.

The first email I received about the magazine was this one:

Dear Editor,

 I am disappointed with your magazine. You have several players as this years breakouts and as overhyped players. Can you explain why they are in both categories?

Your mock draft is a joke. I enjoy reading different writers strategies on why they picked who they did and what adjustments they had to make during the draft. All you did was a auto draft.

 I would not recommend your 2015 Fantasy Football Guide to anyone.


I hate letters like this, because I feel misunderstood, and worry I didn’t communicate what was happening clearly enough. Here’s what we have in the magazine that think is worth recommending:

The front section of the magazine are one line comments by the magazine’s writers about NFL awards and the top Rookies, Breakout and Overhyped players for 2015. It is a jumble of different opinions by different writers, who are identified by name. Some writers think some players are potential Breakouts, while other writers think those same players are being Overhyped.

This is a feature, not a bug. It is the conversation about these competing points of view that should help us sort out who to take earlier this year, and who to take later.

As for the Mock Draft, we had a mix up and 13 owners drafted their teams live, and Tim Heaney did not. Because of the timing it was not possible to redo the Mock, and Heaney kindly enough wrote about the draft software’s picks.

I wish it were different, I would like to know Heaney’s actual choices for those spots (hmm, I think I should have asked him), but those of us involved with the draft thought the information was still valid and useful, even if not pure.

I’ll post other issues here as they come in.


The following are my fault. I seem to have joined the 2015 team name to these guys, rather than their new teams. I’m sorry for the error. Thanks to Corey Stanley.

Page 53, Larry Fitzgerald Profile: Should have a Cardinals helmet.

Page 49. Mike Evans: Should have a Buccaneers helmet

Page 40, LeSean McCoy is on the Bills, not the Eagles.

Page 40, DeMarco Murray is on the Eagles, not the Cowboys.

Page 51, Andre Johnson should be on the Colts.

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