Top Earning Pitchers with No Bid Price

I’m working on this week’s update for the Patton $ Software and Data and found a category that might be of interest. These are the pitchers that neither Alex nor Michael have put bid prices on, who I have given the highest valued projections. I guess this is really a reflection of my prejudices this year filtered by Alex and Mike’s bids. If they think they’ll be around on draft day they aren’t on this list:

  • Tommy Hunter, TEX
  • Ben Sheets, FA (Texas likely)
  • Wade Davis, TB
  • Jeff Neimann, TB
  • Daryl Thompson, CIN
  • Ian Kenneday, NYA
  • Kevin Mulvey, MIN
  • Jon Niese, NYN
  • Tommy Hanson, ATL
  • Anthony Swarzak, MIN
  • Kyle McClellan, STL
  • Casey Janssen, TOR
  • Dustin Mosely, ANA
  • Eduardo Morlan, TB

Make of this what you will. Or can.

Alex says the software is the Cadillac

The Final Update was posted at 9pm on April 9th. Both software and data packages are updated, with lots of adjustments because of the spring surprises. I mean, Andres Torres? That said, he’s coming off a fine season, so who knows?

One player I didn’t update in the update was Emilio Bonifacio. His claiming of the 3B job in Florida was a surprise, as have been his heroics thus far. I probably should have bumped him up to 375 at bats (he’s in there for 275 now), but I don’t like to react too strongly to first week events by changing prices. And I had gotten Bonifacio up to 275 AB because I was high on him as a super utility guy, who steals bases but doesn’t field well enough to hold down a full time job. I still thing that’s what he’s going to end up being. 

This year we created a data only Patton $ Software product, for those who didn’t want to use the software. You can buy either by visiting but if you’re undecided which product fits your needs better, go to Alex’s pitch for the software at Patton & Co.

Thanks to all who purchased this year’s software, and special thanks to the incredible group who have been buying it year after year after year. Your loyalty is a great compliment. Have a great season! Peter and Alex

This Year, Patton $ in Cheaper Data Only Format, Available Now!

The Patton $ 2009 page

The link takes you to the information and ordering page for Patton $ Software and this year’s new product: The Data Only for Less!

For the many who use the software to prepare their own projections and prices, make their bid lists, and run their auction or draft, the price remains the same: $30. Click the buttons on the left side of the page, if you want to buy.

For the others, who have paid the $30 for the data only, in text and Excel formats, this year we’re offering the projections and bid prices for $15. Click the buttons on the right side of the page, if you want to buy.

Software owners will be able to access the data files from the software download page.

For those unfamiliar with the product, a visit to the Patton $ Software and Data information and ordering page, will answer many questions. Or ask a question here in the comments.

Bill James shares his method to determine when a college basketball game is out of reach.

Slate Magazine

A week or two ago I posted at (Barry Bonds) that Bill James’ recent work seemed shoddy. The ideas weren’t fully thought through, and the execution was haphazard. But that was about his baseball work.

This story is good fun, even if Bill reveals himself as a Huckabee supporter, and has a bit of fun with figuring out who is going to win basketball games (which on a practical level might save someone wasted hours, depending on how many basketball games they watch).

The most excellent thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if the method works or not. Here is Bill James having some fun, and that’s fun for us. Bravo.

The Value Method 2008 – Elite Fantasy Baseball Strategy

The Value Method 2008 – Elite Fantasy Baseball Strategy

I don’t think it’s cranky to wonder why the purveyors of the Value Method 08 don’t have any personal identification information on their site. They may be going for as clean an appearance as their site design, but if they really had knowledge to sell wouldn’t they be touting their experience, their math chops, their writing skills? Can it really all be about Google adwords?

If you’ve bought the Method I’d be curious about your reaction.