Alex says the software is the Cadillac

The Final Update was posted at 9pm on April 9th. Both software and data packages are updated, with lots of adjustments because of the spring surprises. I mean, Andres Torres? That said, he’s coming off a fine season, so who knows?

One player I didn’t update in the update was Emilio Bonifacio. His claiming of the 3B job in Florida was a surprise, as have been his heroics thus far. I probably should have bumped him up to 375 at bats (he’s in there for 275 now), but I don’t like to react too strongly to first week events by changing prices. And I had gotten Bonifacio up to 275 AB because I was high on him as a super utility guy, who steals bases but doesn’t field well enough to hold down a full time job. I still thing that’s what he’s going to end up being. 

This year we created a data only Patton $ Software product, for those who didn’t want to use the software. You can buy either by visiting but if you’re undecided which product fits your needs better, go to Alex’s pitch for the software at Patton & Co.

Thanks to all who purchased this year’s software, and special thanks to the incredible group who have been buying it year after year after year. Your loyalty is a great compliment. Have a great season! Peter and Alex

2 thoughts on “Alex says the software is the Cadillac”

  1. Is the data customizable to different league settings? Reading the comments it seems like dollar values are given for the three types and that’s all. My league is not standard 5×5 (we use OBP, only have 4 OF but 2 Util etc) so I don’t want to purchase this unless I can customize it to my league settings. I’ll keep poking around but thought I would ask, just in case.

  2. The software has a 5×5 OPS/K mode. I’m in total favor of using OPS instead of BA.

    The software does not have a filter to limit the pool to certain players. Given your rules, I would think most of the first utility guys taken would be outfielders, but you know better than I do what effect that has on your game. In any case, you would get this effect while assigning your bid values only to those players who will be drafted in your league. You would do this if you played in a regular league, so I’m not sure this is a drawback as a fact of the way the program is designed.

    You can adjust to particular league sizes and push a button to prorate the formulas to your league size, though this isn’t always the correct way to adjust prices. It should be close enough if you play in an AL or NL league.


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