Patton $ Online Cheat Sheets for Fantasy Baseball

Alex Patton and Rotoman sell a venerable software package full of Rotoman’s projections and Alex’s 4×4 bid prices and Rotoman’s 5×5 bids. Plus Mike Fenger’s 5×5 bid prices. The software is Windows only, so we include an Excel spreadsheet of the data, for those who are running on a Mac, who want to change the projections or the sorts. And we include a text file of all the data, for those who want a reference. All of this is intended to help users make their own draft lists. You can buy the subscriber package at for $36.

Now, we’re offering for sale a collection of cheat sheets derived from the most recent update (3/21). The cheat sheet pages offer text file lists ranking players by position for 4×4 (Alex) and 5×5 (Rotoman). There are lists for AL and NL-only leagues, and for mixed leagues, too (the actual dollar values will be right for a 24-team mixed league, not smaller ones, but the ranks are in order).

These lists are ready to print, easy to read, and will make your draft day a snap.

You will also get lists of composite rankings based on actual Expert League (CBS, LABR, Tout) prices, and a composite ranking of the Top 100 prospects based on the rankings of some of the top prospect lists out there. There is also a list of ranked earnings for the last three years.

These lists reflect the news through March 21st. They won’t change as we advance into the final week of the preseason. But

  • if you’re in a hurry,
  • if you’d like to see what we’re thinking,
  • if you’re strapped for time or
  • if you want to use the lists that two FSWA Hall of Famers are taking into their AL and NL auctions, then

Patton $ Online Cheat Sheets are for you.

Just $20 gets you full access. Click here for a sample.

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