The Wrong Address

I often wish I lived in a world where details didn’t matter much. But they do.

In January moved from a very nice but underpowered host to a nice and powerful host (Dreamhost), and some email addresses and their forwards went missing.

Right now you can reach (to ask questions) and (to ask questions and to comment on the Guide).

If you sent a message in calendar year 2006 and didn’t receive a reply, chances are this screw up is why. Please send again.


Stop buying.

Buy Nothing Day : Adbusters

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, supposedly because that’s the day retailers hope to go into the black on the year. Everything from then until the end of the year is rich, dark gravy. Somehow this little bit of trivia has turned into a wild commercial free-for-all, with dedicated shoppers lining up at Mall entrances before the sun comes up! Crazy, or you can buy nothing.