Baseball Pitches Illustrated

Lokesh Dhakar

I’m not sure what these might be used for, but they sure do look nice. Also check out the sketches and, on another tack, his illustrations of different types of coffee drinks. Nice stuff.

Joe Torre Haiku

City Room – Metro – New York Times Blog

I have a hard time resisting the invitation to write bad poetry. Reading through the submissions for a Joe Torre haiku you can’t help (I don’t think) be struck by the nuance and twists the language makes available for a wide swath of ideas. I

I have to admit that my haiku in the comments is based more on my love of the pun than an expression of my feelings about Torre’s departure. For that, I’ll post exclusively here:

Morning’s easy stillness
A clubhouse full of calm
The runner is out at home.

Runnin’ Scared: The Mets’ Darling of Jazz by Allen Barra

village voice

Veteran baseball writer interviews Mets broadcaster (and former star) Ron Darling about Jazz. And Darling, to his credit, says he finds himself unworthy of the latter John Coltrane music. For many of my baseball friends of my age, even if we love rock ‘n roll, an appreciation of Coltrane and Miles Davis is validation that we’ve got chops. Barra gets it all right, and in a perfect world will prod at least a few to listen to In a Silent Way. [note to cheapskates: take it out of the library!] You won’t be sorry.

GlyphJockey yeah, yeah, yeah,

Punk Second Acts, by Lex10

Who knew CBGBs was the minor leagues?

Steve’s Baseball Photography Pages

guaranteed 100% original

Good pictures from the 60s and 70s, up close and bushy haired. Bobby Murcer and Soupy Sales!?! Didn’t Soupy get in trouble telling the joke that starts, “When my wife and I go to a baseball game, I kiss her on the strikes, she kisses me. . . .?”