Patton on the XFL

When Alex told me he was going to write about the XFL, a league a bunch of us oldtimers play in with oddball rules but rigorous discipline, I was skeptical.

Let me conclude, however, before you’ve read this, because no one wants me to go on too long, that Alex is the master of the roto narrative. I dare say that there isn’t anyone else in the world you might want to read about a fantasy baseball season. Especially when you’re not involved. But it’s hard to stop reading Alex.

If you play in a mixed league, you’ll want to read this story, which somehow finds all the suppleness of the game in the decidedly unsupple details of our rosters.

3/21 Fixed the link.

The Patton $ on Disk 2008 page

The Patton $ on Disk 2008 page

The newest  updates to the P$oD08 have been posted. These include mostly fixed team and league data, updated projections, and bid prices from Alex Patton (4×4), Mike Fenger (5×5), and me, Rotoman, Mixed league 12 team.

You can use the program, which runs incredibly fast on all Windows machines (including those Intel Macs that have Windows), or you can choose to use the accompanying text and Excel files.

In either case you get bid lists and up to date projections for all draftable players this season. And free updates through the week after opening day.

The 3 Stages of Rotisserie Grief

BBTF’s Primate Studies Discussion :: Eugene Freedman

It sounds like this is Eugene’s first fantasy baseball article. He does a good job of explaining Patton’s roto stages and teases his next story, but things really take off when the discussion starts. There are no answers here, but it’s good to hear the chatter.

One suggestion: Do what you like. I’ve never played in a league with holds. Changing BA to OBP is the best move any league can make.

Patton & Co. is Free

Patton & Co.

Sign ups have been slow and we don’t know why. If you haven’t signed up please let me know your thoughts. If you tried it out and stopped using it I’d like to know why, too. I’m constantly impressed when I get over there about the information on players, so I feel like the product has a use, especially since the level of postings has been really good.

Now, there will be no pay mode until well after the season starts (and I personally think the model works better with no pay mode at all, at least for the comment database, so I’m arguing for that).

So please check it out if you haven’t, and let me know what your problems are if you have and stopped. Write to askrotoman(at)


Patton$ on Disk 08 is here.

Support Ask Rotoman Page

The link takes you to the page where you can now download the software, Excel and Text files (after paying, of course).

If you’re a past user of the software you’ll be getting the same Windows program with this year’s data, updated weekly through the first week of April.

New users should know that the P$oD software runs superfast in Windows, but comes with a bit of a learning curve. It is designed specifically for draft preparation, though it also comes with an auction module for use during your draft. Note that all the data is available outside of the program, too, and many people who buy the package never run the software at all.

Last Patton $ on Disk 2007 Update is Live

Ask Rotoman News

For those who have been tracking the P$oD07 updates all spring, the final one was posted last night. It includes the Patton software, merge files for those looking for updated bid prices from Alex Patton, Rotoman, and Mike Fenger, my latest (and last) projections for the year, and text lists and an Excel file for those who simply want the stuff.

Thanks to all of this year ‘s and future customers. May you kick butt all season long.

Patton $ on Disk 2007 March 29 Update is Live

The Prices are updated

If you’re looking for a cheat sheet with Alex Patton’s and my updated 4×4 prices, as well Mike Fenger’s 5×5 prices, along with my projections, updated through Thursday, at a price, click this link. You also get Alex’s excellent roto evaluation software, though you probably won’t want to tackle learning the software if your auction is this weekend.

Patton $ on Disk 2007 March 22 Update is Live

Ask Rotoman News

The newest data is posted for purchasers of the Patton $ on Disk 2007 program. There are also Excel spreadsheets and text files, for those who don’t want to learn a program, but want Alex Patton and Rotoman’s 4×4 bid prices, or Mike Fenger’s excellent 5×5 bid prices.

But don’t buy the program because you want to see Jon Papelbon changed from a starter to a closer. I’ve stubbornly projected Papelbon as a closer (albeit a cheap one) all spring. Sometimes you just know a brain trust is going to come to its senses.