Suing Over Statistics – Los Angeles Times

Suing Over Statistics – Los Angeles Times

A fantasy games company is suing MLBAM, saying it shouldn’t have to license stats to run its fantasy games. Another shot in what promises to be an exciting battle this year.

The New Ask Rotoman Site

The fact that you’re here means it’s happening. The fact that you can’t reach all the parts means it’s not totally happening. Yet.

By the time the Guide is available (January 24th, though usually it shows up in some places earlier), this place should be humming.

Mays Field. Fight for it!

Mays Field at AT&T Park Petition

There is a movement afoot to try to get SBC/AT+T to rename the Giants’ home field in San Francisco after the greatest Giant of them all. No, not Mel Ott. I don’t see why this no-brainer needs a petition, but I was happy to (accidentally) sign twice.

Let’s play two!

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Shout Nomar!

Bring Nomar Home

Hmm, the Red Sox need a shortstop and a shortstop is available. Make your voice heard.

Total Red Sox

Do you own a copy of the 2000 Total Red Sox book?

I think there’s some money to be made. A lot of money if you own a box of them.

Stop buying.

Buy Nothing Day : Adbusters

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, supposedly because that’s the day retailers hope to go into the black on the year. Everything from then until the end of the year is rich, dark gravy. Somehow this little bit of trivia has turned into a wild commercial free-for-all, with dedicated shoppers lining up at Mall entrances before the sun comes up! Crazy, or you can buy nothing.

The best minor league team names. You decide.

The Ten Most Creative Minor League Team Names – Fantasy Baseball Cafe 2005

It’s the hot stove season alright, and I found this pleasant piece about minor league team names rather charming. Or pleasant.

One note: I think Auburn Doubledays is something of a pun. Is should be.

Alex Rodriguez Debt Clock

HeraldNet – Pay-Rod Meter

Stumbled across this funny page from an Everett Washington newspaper, which appears to date from 2001, but like the National Debt Clock it just keeps ticking, MVP after MVP.

Arizona Fall League

First Pitch Forums

I just returned via a circuitious and much-delayed plane ride from Ron Shandler and Rick Wilton’s First Pitch Arizona Arizona Fall League event. You’ll find a short thread about some of the stuff I saw there on the discussion board in the Baseball Talk forum.

Here I just want to say that it is great fun to be in the company of so many people who know so much about the game of baseball, and particularly to hear from scouts and inside baseball people about the game. They aren’t always right (who is), but their endless observation yields some gems (Kimball Crossley, Blue Jays scout, says: “Pitchers who move their head too much during their delivery never have command.”)

Revelation of the week for me was Shane Komine, who is small but throws hard. The gun readings I saw don’t show just how much life his heater has, which makes his vast repertoire and fine command all the more impressive.

Phil Garner is Dumb

Not my fault – MLB – Yahoo! Sports

I was trying to think of all the dumb things Phil Garner had done during the season, but Tom Verducci has a better list.