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Want to know what makes an error and error? An RBI an RBI? This plainly written FAQ covers an odd couple-handfuls of questions directly and clearly. Well worth a look-see for a rules refresher.

Mendoza Baseball

Mendoza Baseball

A friend tells me that this is a fantastic fantasy format. As best I can tell it’s a GM game. You try to get the best results using the fewest resources. But there is no salary cap (there is a luxury tax, however). Results are computed in team wins and losses based on the Expected Runs (Xr) formula for hitters, derived from 14 measures. The site is very handsome and the basic ideas of the game are sound. My only concern is that the scoring system will make the game play too flat, but if it achieves 50 percent of it’s apparent potential it should be an excellent experience.

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Texas Rangers : News : Texas Rangers News

Jamey Newberg writes a handy summary about player options and roster decisions, what is usually a pretty dull topic. Whether a player has options or not (RA Dickey has pitched in the minors each of the last 10 seaons, but has used just one option) is a major determinant of whether he makes the big league team, so this isn’t trifling stuff.

Major League Baseball : Ask Rotoman

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It’s out, and features talk about starting a keeper league, choosing between Jeff Mathis and Ryan Doumit, and defense: does it matter? As well as a little chatter.