Mariano Is Too Old

Deadspin collects a long skein of clips from writers saying Mariano is too old. From the last 10 years!

Nice job!

The Sweeny Plan, Spelled Correctly

Bruce Buschel sings the ballad of Hugh Sweeny, the legendary roto player whose spot I slithered into in the American Dream League, many moons ago.

Cubs Fans Opening Day Outrage

A NY Times story explains it all. Tremendous Upside Potential provides the picture and another comment.

Mad Mel and Denis Leary

The very very fine baseball website,, posted this clip today, honoring Mel Gibson and his most recent utterances. Gibson is sad, but this will make you laugh.

Top 200 Fantasy Team Names

CBSsports hosts more than 100,000 fantasy leagues and have compiled a list of the Top 200 team names, which is heavily studded with references to movie teams (Chico’s Bail Bonds, Kobra Kai) and, disappointingly, real team names (Yankees? Red Sox? I thought we played to make up our own teams.). In the public so-called experts leagues I play in I go under my own name, which is its own kind of boring, but in my home leagues I have made up names:

American Dream League: Bad Kreuznachs, a nod to my ancestral home town across the water and, I guess, either George Thoroughgood or Jim Croce.

Rotoman’s Regulars: Jorge Regulas, a pun off the Regulars league name and nod to the old Moldy Peaches song.

Neither of these names made the Top 200 this year.

Is your auctioneer a joke?

Evan Gallahou is a standup comic looking for gigs as a fantasy baseball auctioneer. I’m not kidding!

The following clip starts with a baseball joke, but it was the bit about the weather broadcaster at the end that made me think Evan might be a really good auctioneer.

A Guilty Venture Into Baseball ‘Fantasyland’

Tony Horwitz on NPR

Smart, funny radio essay and, also, a written version that shows some interesting differences.