Where did I see this before?

Yahoo! Sports – Fantasy – Draft Day Dilemma: Abreu vs. Bay

I just happened upon this Brandon Funston story at Yahoo. It’s part of Funston’s Draft Day Dilemma series, which kicked off with that chestnut, Pujols or A-Rod? What is striking here are the cascade of similarities to an Ask Rotoman story I wrote for mlb.com last week.

I’d be shocked if Funston was cribbing from me, the venues are simply too public, but point this out so that Ask Rotoman readers don’t waste their time reading what is in essence the same story twice.

Major League Baseball : Ask Rotoman

The Latest Column

It’s out, and features talk about starting a keeper league, choosing between Jeff Mathis and Ryan Doumit, and defense: does it matter? As well as a little chatter.

The Wrong Address

I often wish I lived in a world where details didn’t matter much. But they do.

In January askrotoman.com moved from a very nice but underpowered host to a nice and powerful host (Dreamhost), and some email addresses and their forwards went missing.

Right now you can reach mlb@askrotoman.com (to ask questions) and peter@askrotoman.com (to ask questions and to comment on the Guide).

If you sent a message in calendar year 2006 and didn’t receive a reply, chances are this screw up is why. Please send again.


Rating preview guides from best to pests


The Baltimore Sun’s Childs Walker ranks The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2006 “The Best” of the preview magazines, though I can’t believe he thinks the other magazines are better looking. Still, i’ll take it.

Tips for newbies

Major League Baseball : News : Mark Newman

MLB.com’s Mark Newman asked me to kick in some tips for new fantasy baseball players. 10 to be exact. I gave him 11 and he appropriated the last one, which is to have fun. Reading them over now I wonder if I missed some.

This Week’s Ask Rotoman @ mlb.com

Major League Baseball : Fantasy : Ask Rotoman

Is it Bay or Abreu for you? BJ Upton, Delmon Young or Travis Lee: Why Ray are you going to catch? Will Josh Willingham? Hattie or Jamey Carroll? And Who’ll be burned by AJ Burnett? This week’s column is posted.

Ask Rotoman is Back!

Major League Baseball : Fantasy : Fantasy

The first column of the new year is up at mlb.com. Do the Mets have a Reyes of hope batting Jose first? Does Oliver Perez have some more control? Weekly or daily transactions? And introducing Chatter, about Esteban German, Jeremy Hermida, Jon Papelbon, and Bengie Molina. Expect a new column every Wednesday from here on out. And send your questions to Ask Rotoman.

Major League Baseball : Ask Rotoman Begins

Major League Baseball Fantasy Home

This link doesn’t lead to anything now except the fantasy page at MLB.com. Well, MLB.com is still commenting on offseason moves, helpfully, and you’ll find those at this address. But starting on Wednesday you’ll find Ask Rotoman again for the Sixth Year In A Row! As much as I like spouting off on baseball issues and giving my opinion about fantasy moves, the best stuff in the column comes from you readers. Funny questions, provocative questions, challenging questions, these don’t always make my job easier but they make the column better. So if you have a good or funny or outrageous or clever or provocative question, please send it along by writing either to peter@askrotoman.com or visit the discussion board at talk.askrotoman.com and post there. Thanks.

Strategies of Champions: Rotoman Regulars 2005

Ask Rotoman » Strategies of Champions: Rotoman Regulars 2005

Anthony Beaulieu won the 2nd Annual Rotoman Regulars League, and with some encouragement from me wrote a Strategies of Champions piece about how he put together his winning team. Confusion about the due date and some last-minute ads nudged the piece out of the magazine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a look. I don’t think anything teaches us more about strategy than learning what actual champions did to win their league.

OddJack, the Gambling Guide – Casino, Poker, Sports Betting, Horse Racing

rotoman says give up on Victor Martinez

Actually, what got me interested in this post, was that Oddjack called me “salmon-pants Rotoman.” I own salmon pants (though my fashion consultant calls them “tomato,” and I only occasionally wear them, preferring black and slate). But how would Oddjack know that? My imagination scares me.

More egregiously, Oddjack seems to suggest that I suggested last June that Players (note capital P) should give up on Victor Martinez, when the gist of my post was absolutely the opposite. If you bailed on VM last June, blame Oddjack. Not Rotoman. And check the link. I never said it.

I do think Oddjack is a fine moniker.