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Buy Nothing Day : Adbusters

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, supposedly because that’s the day retailers hope to go into the black on the year. Everything from then until the end of the year is rich, dark gravy. Somehow this little bit of trivia has turned into a wild commercial free-for-all, with dedicated shoppers lining up at Mall entrances before the sun comes up! Crazy, or you can buy nothing.

The best minor league team names. You decide.

The Ten Most Creative Minor League Team Names – Fantasy Baseball Cafe 2005

It’s the hot stove season alright, and I found this pleasant piece about minor league team names rather charming. Or pleasant.

One note: I think Auburn Doubledays is something of a pun. Is should be.

Alex Rodriguez Debt Clock

HeraldNet – Pay-Rod Meter

Stumbled across this funny page from an Everett Washington newspaper, which appears to date from 2001, but like the National Debt Clock it just keeps ticking, MVP after MVP.

Arizona Fall League

First Pitch Forums

I just returned via a circuitious and much-delayed plane ride from Ron Shandler and Rick Wilton’s First Pitch Arizona Arizona Fall League event. You’ll find a short thread about some of the stuff I saw there on the discussion board in the Baseball Talk forum.

Here I just want to say that it is great fun to be in the company of so many people who know so much about the game of baseball, and particularly to hear from scouts and inside baseball people about the game. They aren’t always right (who is), but their endless observation yields some gems (Kimball Crossley, Blue Jays scout, says: “Pitchers who move their head too much during their delivery never have command.”)

Revelation of the week for me was Shane Komine, who is small but throws hard. The gun readings I saw don’t show just how much life his heater has, which makes his vast repertoire and fine command all the more impressive.

Phil Garner is Dumb

Not my fault – MLB – Yahoo! Sports

I was trying to think of all the dumb things Phil Garner had done during the season, but Tom Verducci has a better list.

Strategies of Champions 2005

Rotoman’s 2nd Annual Regulars League
19 Team, Mixed, 5X5, Draft
By Anthony Beaulieu
Brahma Bulls

Rotoman’s Regulars League consists of dedicated and knowledgeable baseball fans found at Over the past 5 years I’ve been a frequent reader and poster on the website. I find it an invaluable source for fantasy sports, which has helped me place at the top in my annual leagues, year after year. Last year I was away during the draft of the first Rotoman’s Regulars Leagues. This year I made myself available so I wouldn’t miss out. This is a highly competitive league, so I knew it was a great opportunity to see what I could do.

Going into it, I knew the draft was going to play a huge part in the outcome of the league. In a 19 team league, you have to draft a decent team to give yourself a shot. But if you draft a good team, your chances of winning increase dramatically. And that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to give myself the best opportunity to win. Here are some focal points I looked for going into the draft.

• Draft a balanced team.
• Stay clear of injury prone player
• Try and draft only 1-5 hitters.
• Land a horse early.
• Load up on bombers.
• Get a closer on a winning team.
• Draft speed at middle infield late.

This is how I did…

With the 16th pick overall, I got my horse. Johan Santana. I’m guessing he slipped because many believed his 2004 2nd half was a fluke. Not me. I knew he would pile up Ks (238) and provide excellent ratios (ERA under 3, WHIP under 1). His wins were down this year (16), but overall I was pretty pleased. After this pick, I knew I could wait on another SP and move right on into bigtime power hitters.

In a league this big, I figured that if you can get at least 4 hitters who are gonna hit around 30-40 HRs, they will also pick up around 100 RBIs & 100 RUNs. So my next 3 picks were David Ortiz, Carlos Lee & Derrick Lee. Not surprising, Ortiz and D. Lee had MVP caliber years. Combined they netted me: .317 BA, 93 HR, 255 RBI and 239 RUNs. C. Lee had a down year in my opinion, but was still able to hit over 30 HR and 100 RBI. All three of these bombers were huge. (I still wanted one more though, so when Pat Burrell was available in the 9th round, I snatched him. He was good for over 30 HR and 100 RBI…he also hit .281! Excellent. )

After my first 4 picks (Santana, Ortiz, C. Lee and D, Lee), I focused on getting a closer. I didn’t want to punt any categories in a league this big. Luckily for me, other owners were drafting SPs and hitters. So when Izzy was there in the 5th round, I jumped all over it! This is what I wanted, a closer who plays for a winning team. I knew that Izzy was good for at least 30 SVs and he wouldn’t kill me in ERA and WHIP. He ended up with 39 SVs and a 2.14 ERA and a WHIP of 1.19. (I also drafted Percival in the 8th and dropped him for Turnbow once he went down for the year. Turnbow turned out to be one of the best closers in all of baseball. He ended up with 39 SVs and excellent ratios. He also provided 7 Ws and 64Ks.)

Going into the 6th round, I knew I was having an awesome draft. My team was well balanced and I was ready to add more offense. With my next 2 picks I grabbed Damon and Varitek. Batting in the Red Sox potent lineup, I knew these two would score some runs. And they did, combining for 187.

At this point I was looking to fill out my SP. So with the 10th & 11th picks I drafted David Wells and Dontrelle Willis. Wells turned out ok, but Willis was huge. After a monster start, everybody was expecting him to go belly-up. But he never did. He ended the season with an outstanding 22 Ws, 2.63 ERA, 1.13 WHIP and 170 Ks. Paired with Santana, I arguably had the best 2 SP in all of baseball.

Now my focus was on SBs and infield. I’m not a big fan of position scarcity. I’m a firm believer in the best players available approach. In a league this big, I figured I didn’t need studs in the infield, just players who could provide help in 1 or 2 categories. So I waited until the 15th round to draft some speedy infielders. Lugo in the 15th & Womack in the 16th. I was looking for RUNs and SBs with these picks. Lugo had another productive season on the base paths, stealing 39 while scoring 89 runs. Womack’s time as a starter didn’t last, but he provided me with 27 SBs in his soon to be short lived Yankee career.

After the draft I was pretty happy. I knew I had a winning team to start the season and figured I could use the waiver wire to fill any holes if need be. Turnbow was by far the best pickup this year and I was lucky to have him. Other than that, I didn’t really need to make any moves. My team jumped out to a 60 point lead and never looked back. I ended up winning by 19.5 points, but really, it was over from the start. Armo’s SheepRanchers and Riff Raff came within 20 points at times, but couldn’t get any closer. I finished at the top in almost all hitting categories and faired pretty well in the pitching stats.

My team for most of the year was:


C) J. Varitek
1B) D. Ortiz
2B) T. Womack / B. Mueller
3B) C. Koskie / E. Hinske
SS) J. Lugo
OF) C. Lee / J. Damon / P. Burrell
UTL) D. Lee
BN) R. Ibanez (never started him once and he had a pretty productive year)


SP) J. Santana / D. Willis / D. Wells / C. Silva / T. Lilly / J. Washburn / E. Santana
RP) J. Isringhausen / D. Turnbow

In the end I realized I won this league during the draft. I knew the draft was gonna be the deciding factor in a league this big. I had a game plan and stuck with it. Sure I had some players with breakout years, but none of them were really a surprise in my opinion. I had a great time this year and look forward to defending my championship next year. And believe me, as long as the league remains this big, I’ll be using the same strategy I did this year.

Catcher in the Wry

RotoJunkie – Fly Pops – $1 Catcher in the Wry (powered by evoArticles)

If you dig the original, this will make you laugh heartily (at least I did), but like all classic parody, even if you don’t know the source (and you should) this says a lot.


Ozzie the Author

Ozzie Guillen, Man of Letters – The White Sox manager’s overlooked literary career. By Mike DeBonis

A very nice piece about Ozzie Guillen, with a lot of quotes from the weekly column he writes for the Caracas newspaper El Universal.

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2005 Fantasy Guide is Out Now

I’ve just added a picture of the front page of the magazine, which arrived in my hands yesterday, and which should be in stores on January 20th. Given the vagaries of the distribution business I’d suggest keeping an eye out about then, especially at Barnes and Noble and Wal-Mart, where we’ve usually had good distribution.

This year there are Cost Scans, showing what players cost, as well as the Earning Scans, for the past five years. This profit and loss information is so important, since it isn’t just what a player earns that makes him valuable, but what he cost.

No one else covers as many players as we do, which means The Guide (which is ordered alphabetically grouped as Hitters and Pitchers) is the one fantasy magazine you’ll find useful all season long.

This year magazine owners will find a web address inside which will take them to a page that includes updated price lists for 4×4, 5×5 and mixed leagues, extra value for draft prep.

There’s lots more, too, including strategy articles and stats and a mock draft with a pretty good list of brand name experts (Shandler, Ambrosius, Grey, Zola, Leibowitz, Berry, Schwartz, among others). And there are more than 300 Picks and Pans from those guys and also Alex Patton and Steve Moyer and Gene McCaffrey.

I hope you enjoy it.