ASK ROTOMAN: Keeper Question


12 team AL only legacy league.  9  keepers.  Approximately 15 percent inflation.  Should I keep:

Alexei Ramirez at $20
Shane Green at $5

JA Happ at $5
Robbie Grossman at $2
Masahiro Tanaka at $23 (likely not but I’m a Yankee fan)

Can keep all or none?

Dear E:

Yes on Alexei Ramirez (a $21 player without inflation) and Shane Greene (a $6 player w/o inflation), and maybe on Robbie Grossman (he’ll earn $2 if he holds onto a job, but things are tight in the Houston OF).

No on JA Happ, who should cost less than $5 in your auction, and Masahiro Tanaka, who should cost $18 to $20 in your auction and will be an injury risk every time he pitches. If Tanaka pitches all season he’ll way outearn his price, which makes him a high risk/high return arm this year.