The Final Four… ADLed Innings

I spent the afternoon driving home from Vermont. At various times along the drive the Bad K and the Burn Bags were tied. At others, the Bags were ahead by half a point.

When I got home and parked the car, I checked and discovered I’d lost an ERA point to the Jerry’s, putting me down one and a half points. Oh no! But by the time I got back to the house, I had the point back. I hope I keep it, because if I don’t it will be because I activated the Astros’ Mike Foltynewicz today. He didn’t have a good day.

So, with four innings left to go in the meaningless Angels-Mariners game (the A’s just won in Texas), we have the following:

Bags and Palukas are tied in RBI. So this is a race: Pujols and Cron versus Mike Trout and Brad Miller. Miller isn’t in the game right now. If Trout and Miller out RBI Pujols and Cron, the Bags and Bad K tie.

Unless Danny Farquhar either wins (unlikely) or saves (unlikely) today’s game. Either decision for Farquhar would give the Bad K a half point.

We can all doom the math. I mean do.