Save $25 on First Pitch Arizona!

For what I think is the seventh time I’m heading out this November for Ron Shandler’s First Pitch Arizona symposium. This year’s dates are November 6-8, though I’m flying the fourth so I can get in a game on Thursday afternoon.

You cannot imagine how great it is to watch some of the best young talent around (this year we have Stephen Strasburg) in a near empty park, allowing you to sit just about anywhere you want (including behind home plate, where you can sometimes spy the radar readings of the ML scouts who are always in attendance.

There are also the seminars and talks, a barbque, games, door prizes, and the likelihood that you can chat up someone you’ve always wanted to talk to at a game or in the lobby or at the bar near the lobby after a game.

There are a few seats still open. Read more about the event here.

Pay your enrollment fee here and save $25 off the regular price.

Please put any questions in the comments, or email me: askrotoman (at)

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