Rotisserie Concepts Done Right!

Roto Think Tank

Mike Gianella knows a lot about rotisserie baseball and the way it should be played. He’s kind of like one of those old timey coaches, with a chaw in his jaw, a calculator in his pocket, and the good sense not to contradict either. I’ve written about Roto Think Tank before, but reading some recent posts today reminds me about just how sensible Mike is.

He doesn’t think much of position scarcity, but when he’s allocating bid prices he tends to favor the catchers and shortstops of similar value, since they’re harder to replace. That sort of thing.

I wouldn’t say that Mike is breaking much new ground, but in a world where the old ground is continually being ploughed under, there is a great virtue to clear writing and solid ideas, well explicated. (Note: Mike writes for The Fantasy Guide, too.)

1 thought on “Rotisserie Concepts Done Right!”

  1. Thanks for the plug, Peter.

    And I’d say that your assessment is accurate. I don’t think I’m doing anything new, but do think that this kind of analysis has been lost when Alex Patton stopped publishing his books and is now mostly hiding behind the pay wall at some of the better sites like Baseball HQ.

    I hope anyone reading this comes over and joins us now and as the season rolls along.

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