Steroids, Other “Drugs”, and Baseball

Eric Walker

A huge site that could use an editor, that makes all the cases that steroids are not the menace they’re painted to be.  If you have an interest in the topic you will be challenged and informed by Walker’s arguments. I’m not sure he demolishes the notion that PEDs can improve baseball performance, though he seems to think he has, and I think the argument that they’re relatively safe is relatively disingenuous.

Which simply means there is more work and arguing and convincing to be done. But this is a fairly rational and exhaustive look, with evidence, at the issue without the hysteria, and well worth checking out no matter which side of the debate you find yourself on.

3 thoughts on “Steroids, Other “Drugs”, and Baseball”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how time will soothe a person’s conscience? I mean, when records were breaking at performance enhanced levels, the media was ready to hang anyone and everyone. Now that the juice has been equated to communism and players, for the most part, have stopped using because the penalties both in and outside of the game are too steep, the learned are stroking steroids like a newborn kitten.


    Let’s see…Eric Walker, Rambo, ChicagoSports, New York Sun, etc.
    Askrotoman is becoming the Homeless Apologists for Steroids Harbor. HASH. (Actually, that’s pretty cool.)
    C’mon, no good links regarding Spring Training?

  2. Slogging through the first, extensive update of projections, which will come soon. Plus, I’m all set to pounce on the Bedard trade.

    From HASH Hq

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