Cashman should have pulled the trigger for Santana

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It’s hard not to agree with this. Cashman is trying to show he’s smart with the money, when all he needs (all he’s needed for the past seven years, really) is to prove that he’s smart with the bludgeon. He’s not. Maybe not either way.

3 thoughts on “Cashman should have pulled the trigger for Santana”

  1. I think the price in talent (Kennedy and Hughes??) was too high a price to pay.

    Boston and New York were in a similar situation. They only needed to ensure the other club didn’t get him. The Mets, of course, were happy to oblige.

  2. You’re right about Boston and the Yankees needing to stalemate the other. That neither got Santana is a win for both of them. But getting Santana is a win for the Yankees, and the price the Mets paid suggests that there might have been a deal there. If I were the Twins I think I’d have taken Hughes straight up for Santana over the Mets’ package.

    But we don’t know what the Twins insisted on.

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