Ask Rotoman: Where are you?


Where can I buy the Guide? I can’t find it anywhere in New Jersey.


Thanks for asking.

This is a problem.

Something like 125K Guides are printed and shipped to outlets across the country. But moving this amount of physical paper around is inefficient. And given the size of our country and the many retail outlets not all the issues end up where someone wants to buy them.

Yes, we like having a physical magazine in our hands. That’s why we make the Guide. But it costs a lot to make that work, and sadly distribution gets in the way of getting our physical product into the right hands.

The Fantasy Baseball Guide does have a pdf edition. You can buy it at It costs the same and has the same content. You’ll have to decide any the other issues, but it will get you there.

In recent years there was an app called Mag Finder that helped you find where magazines were on sale. This year it seems to be broken for some reason. If it was working I’d give you a best shot, depending on where you were in New Jersey, but for now all I can say is good luck.

And the pdf is the fallback. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Ask Rotoman: Where are you?”

  1. Peter,
    Last year I received your Newsletter, I forgot how I ordered it and how much it cost.

    I would like to received it again this year.
    Where do I ordered it from and how much is the cost?

    Thank You,

    Robert L Krahn

    • There has only been one newsletter so far this spring, which went out in mid February as copies of The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2022 started arriving in stores. I’m planning to get one out on Friday, but right now I’m updating the Patton $ Online software, both projections and prices, as the news comes in. And posting at Thanks for asking.

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