OUT NOW! The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2020

People are finding it in Barnes and Noble stores in New York City and Cincinnati, so it’s out there. 160 pages of fantasy baseball info, enough I hope to last you through all of a 2020 season that will answer a lot of questions we have about home runs and strike outs.

More than 30 fantasy experts, people whose online columns you read, podcasts you listen to, radio shows you follow, Twitter feeds you devour, folks you mostly know, have written hundreds of Picks and Pans. They are funny, perceptive, opinionated, and sometimes right!

We (mostly Rob Blackstien, HC Green, Jeff Zimmerman and Rotoman) profile more than 1400 players, so that when you want to know something about a callup or a trade, there’s a good chance we’ll have an answer.

The Guide also features a Top 30 Rookies column, with extra sleeper prospect picks, and JD Bolick’s Unheralded column, which each season has pointed out non-prospects who have gone on to have major league impact that year.

Plus, a great group of fantasy experts gathers in November for our mock draft, and helps us by writing comments on why they made their picks. It’s a fun time for us, and a trove of fantasy baseball opinion by some of the game’s best writers.

Plus there’s more! We hope you enjoy.

4 thoughts on “OUT NOW! The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2020”

  1. Peter–I live three miles outside of nowhere. Where can I find a copy that won’t cost me $150 (or $149, after the dollar discount)”

    • Hey Geoff! I miss you. And I enjoy your FB posts of memes I haven’t seen. Crazy.

      There is an online/pdf version at thefantasyguide.com. Or will be soon.

      If you want a hard copy maybe the Barnes and Noble in Northampton will have it. And online, there are folks on Amazon and Ebay selling it for far less than $150. You got me thinking about selling a few (I don’t have many) of my copies to help immigrant support groups. I’ll try to figure that out tomorrow. We have a lot of immigrants in the Guide.

  2. Why can’t we purchase the online version? It’s on the site for $150!?!?! Is there anyway you guys could correct that?

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