Six and out. An American Dream League Update.


Kyle Seager hit a homer and I gained half a point by moving ahead of the Jerrys. And Albert Pujols hit a homer and moved the Bags into a tie with the Tooners.

The Bags remained tied with the Nova in RBI, thanks to that Pujols dinger in a lost cause, and the Moose Factory passed both, costing the Bags a point.

Moose stole two bases, passing me in that category. No movement for the Bags, who are one ahead and two behind.

In Batting Average the Bags continue to flail, and the Nabobs have moved within .0004 of catching them. More importantly, a .002 gap has opened in front of the Bags.

In Wins, the Palukas won the suspended game with Cody Allen, moving to within one of the Bags, but then the Bags (Pineda) and BBs won games. Kyle Lobstein got off to a bad start to his game versus the White Sox, but ended up allowing two runs in seven innings and losing because the Tigers were shut down by free agent starter Chris Bassitt. Bags are now two wins behind me.

In the Saves clump, Bags (Petricka) and Peppers (Feliz) earned saves, moving one ahead of the Tooners and Hackers.

Thanks to CJ Wilson, the BBs fell behind me in ERA, and there was no real WHIP movement.

The final tally? Bad K still rule, with 71, while the Bags stand at 69.5. 

At one moment yesterday—at least—it was 70-69.5, but the Palukas had lost half a point.  There are too many points at stake in too many categories to predict how this is going to go. What I know is that if I lose that point to the Bags in wins, I’m toast.

Which means I have to seriously consider activating Kyle Gibson for today’s game against the Diamondbacks. Gibson has been miserable the last month, it’s something of a surprise the Twins are running him out there again. But Arizona is the games 24th worst offense, and the pitcher will be hitting.

Unmentioned until now, the Peppers report they have a road to about 68 points, climbing into third or even second place possibly if he gets enough steals. He was frustrated that Terrance Gore’s steal in the 10th inning of yesterday’s resumed suspended game didn’t count for his team.

Could the hue and cry of fantasy league players make baseball change the way it does its bookkeeping?

UPDATE: Before Tuesday night’s games I dropped Adam Lind and activated Nick Franklin, and released Jeff Beliveau and activated Kyle Gibson, who I had sat two weeks ago to try to avoid more beatings. Franklin, I hope, has more chance for HR and SB than Lind. I don’t care that much about BA and RBI. As for Gibson, he has a start tonight against a weak Arizona offense and Sunday, against a resting Tigers. I have one team one Win ahead of me, and the second place team is two wins behind. This stupid category is very important. But the risk is that Gibson pulls a Paxton. I’m hoping very short leash, since he’s in uncharted innings waters, but we’ll see.