My Advanced Sportstistics Team.

For the record… There is still time to play!

I picked a team that costs $186,000,000, like the Yankees were supposed to this year.

I started by taking starters, going with the two cheapest starters who were not pitching for teams that had clinched. These were Jerome Williams ($8.6M) versus the desultory Braves, and Jarred Cosart ($7.0) versus the resting Nats.

I then took five expensive infielders on the Tigers and As (playing to clinch) and the Mets, Cubs, Nats and Marlins, who are probably facing weak pitching. These are Miguel Cabrera ($30M), Ian Kinsler ($23M), Lucas Duda ($22M), Josh Donaldson ($23M) and Ryan Howard ($16M).

The three outfielders: Adam Jones ($25M), Marcel Ozuna ($14.1M) and Adam Jones ($18.7).

I ended up with Howard and Jones because their counterparts in my favored teams list were Nats. I didn’t want to see my hitters facing Jarred Cosart, so I looked elsewhere.

No idea if this is smart. Results tomorrow.