The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2014 Professional Edition Has Landed!


The 15th annual is on its way to stores now. It includes profiles of more than 1,400 players, Picks and Pans or more than 300 players by an awe-inspiring roster of fantasy baseball talent, special profiles of this season’s Top 25 Rookie candidates, an excerpt from Larry Schechter’s new book, an NFBC-rules Mock Draft of top industry professionals, five Strategies of Champions pieces in which winners tell how they did it, and our§ information packed Draft At A Glance pages for each position, filled with tier notes, bid price lists and fast facts about last year’s profits and losses.

5 thoughts on “The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2014 Professional Edition Has Landed!”

    • Hi Brent. The constants seem to be Barnes and Noble and Walmart (in the US, not Canada). There’s also a gas station in Atitoken Ontario that used to almost always be the location of the first sighting, when we were printed in Canada. Now that we’re printing in the US Atitoken is a long ways away (but they do get it). Last year my Stop and Shop in upstate NY stocked it, but the CVS did not. The year before that CVS had it and Stop and Shop did not. Sorry I can’t be more specific. Good luck.

  1. As Costner said to Preston–“my heart leapt” when I saw that THE hands down, no doubt about it, hope the other owners in my league never see, BEST publication in our industry was released on 1/6.

    Perhaps now I can sleep without resorting to massive doses of Nyquil. 🙂

  2. My metaphor was not clear. I will sleep better now that I knw i can get my mitts on a copy—waiting with baited breath and hoping you didn’t opt for another late release like last year was a catalyst for much sleep deprivation.

    Walgreen’s has already told me i was getting kind of weird and to please not come in so often–so in the meantime–can you tell me if Tyson Ross was the recipient of any picks or pans?

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