2014 Fantasy Guide Corrections and Links

Yes, we sometimes make misteaks. Here is the place to find the corrections (and look below for some links):


pg. 3, Rob Blackstien should have been listed as a writer, his first working on football after years of baseball writing.

pg. 38-46, in the stats chart. Every time it says PASSING it should say RUSHING.

pg. 39. LeSean McCoy is a big player. That’s why he’s on the cover. He’s not 6’11. That’s a typo.

Team Pages: The profiles written by Marc Meltzer are id’d with the inexplicable initials MB.

There are also a number of profiles that are unattributed. These are mostly the work of Nick Minnix.


pg. 3, Copy Editor: There was (and still is) a placeholder for “the other guy,” who ended up not contributing as a copy editor and wasn’t available to notice that the placeholder should have been deleted.

pg. 6, Masahiro Tanaka profile, third line from the end, the word “store” should have been “starter.”

pg. 10, 5ive More came up a little short and should have had its name changed to 6ix More when Kolten Wong was added.

#23, Alex Hanson should be Alen Hanson. Dum.

pg. 30, the picture caption for Clayton Kershaw says: San Franscisco Giant, which is an obvious carryover from last year’s layout. The projection in the caption is also 15-7, 2.84 ERA, 0 Saves, 202 IP, 156 Hits, 60 BB, 205 K, 1.07 WHIP.

pg. 48, Khris Davis: His projection is the mechanical one that builds off his short season. The real projection featured in the update will have a much lower batting average and probably fewer homers per at bat, but I’m still working on that.

pg. 48, Ike Davis: His 2013 earnings are listed at $0. He stunk, for sure, but he actually earned $2.

pg. 66, Junior Lake: His projection is a mechanical one that gives him too high a BA. I wrote more about him here.

pg. 105, Wei-Yin Chen: bone spurts SB bone spurrs.

Projections and Prices Update. The page is password protected. The password is the first word of Rick Wilton’s comment about Albert Pujols in the Hitters section of the Guide.

Multiposition Chart. The old favorite from the Guide. All Major League and Minor League Players with 15 or more games played at two or more positions.