How To Make A Million Dollars An Hour

Rotisserie analyst and pricing pioneer Les Leopold’s last book was about how the derivatives market was like fantasy sports, and how that contributed to the Great Recession. His new book takes a look at hedge funds and how they work. From the publisher:

Top hedge fund managers make more than Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, and A-Rod combined——but they aren’t running news and entertainment empires or playing baseball for the New York Yankees. Aren’t you curious about how these hedge fund dudes make so much doing who knows what? You may even wonder if you can get there, too. After all, this is America!

This book gives you the answers in a twelve-step guide to accumulating vast riches the way hedge fund managers do—by playing trillion-dollar poker with a marked deck.

Les is a clear and entertaining writer who targets the popular audience. I’ll post a review here after I read it.