Department of Corrections 2013

When we find things that are wrong in The Guide, we list them here.

pg. 7. Wil Myers is spelled Will Myers in great big letters. Wrong. Wil is right.

pg 52. Dexter Fowler gets the same pan from Jeffrey Winick that Winick gave to Jacoby Ellsbury. Wrong! It should read, WINICK PAN: “Top notch power/speed guy, right? Not so fast. Gets picked off way too often and doesn’t hit too well on the road. Don’t overpay.” Tip o’ the cap to Brian in Austin.

twopeguerospg 78. Steve Moyer writes in to inform me that, as is obvious, his PICK of Carlos Peguero is misfiled under Francisco Peguero. He says: “Hopefully readers realize it was an editorial mistake and don’t think Steve Moyer doesn’t know the difference between one Peguero and the other or, God forbid, someone rosters Francisco as a deep sleeper upon my advice.” It was an editorial mistake.

pg 52. We were lucky to have Moyer on board this year writing profiles. He wrote up Dexter Fowler, in which he looks more closely at Fowler’s breakthrough 2012. While reading his takedown, in which he points out that Fowler wasn’t really that good, and he can’t be counted on to play all the time, I was reminded of that old Catskills joke that opens Annie Hall: �There�s an old joke – um� two elderly women are at a Catskill mountain resort, and one of �em says, �Boy, the food at this place is really terrible.� The other one says, �Yeah, I know; and such small portions.�” That’s Fowler. But I should have added an Editor’s Note rather than edit it onto the end of Steve’s writeup.

pg 149. Masahiro Tanaka‘s name is spelled wrong.