San Diego State 2009 Baseball Statistics


I was writing the profile of Stephen Strasburg for the Guide tonight, and chanced to visit the San Diego State baseball stats site. Strasburg’s line is incredible, which is why we’re all salivating over him, but the curious fact is that every player on the site has a link to a player page except Strasburg.

I don’t have time to investigate now, but it would seem that SS has pulled a BB (remember when Barry Bonds removed himself from the MLBPA licensing agreements, so he could make his own deals?), or else San Diego State doesn’t want to pay the bandwidth charges for all the people looking to read Mr. Strasburg’s bio.

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  1. The reason I don’t have time, by the way, is because I’m closing the Fantasy Baseball Guide. It will be in stores about January 19, 2010, in case you’re interested.

    A sneak preview: All the Picks and Pan guys think Strasburg is going to be really good, great maybe, but just about all of them make him a Pan, because expectations are so high. Which is what I wrote in my capsule.

    The only person who could live up to Strasburg’s advance press is Barack Obama. Kidding. I meant Michele.

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