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I was in a bar tonight having a beer with someone I’d just meant. He said that his father was rolling in his grave while the Mets faded, and you can see why. A collapse befitting the Cubs has befallen the Mets and I never realized how many die  hard Mets fans I knew.

Apart from the historic size of the crash, which is unprecedented, the stinging moment comes when one recalls how the “easy” Mets schedule in September would allow them to wrap things up  early.

Recent  history is no tonic for a Mets fan, but in this weekend’s matchups the Mets pitcher has a better ERA than every Marlin pitcher, and each Philly pitcher has a worse ERA than the Nationals pitcher he’s facing.

That isn’t a guarantee that my new friend’s dead dad can lie easy, baseball doesn’t work that way, but despite their recent travails I still like the Mets. (Just as I did when I got Ed Kranepool and Ron Swoboda’s autographs on the LIRR Mr. Met Whistle Stop Tour, nearly a lifetime ago.)

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  1. Well Peter I hope you’re wrong. Not because I follow the Phillies, but because my son does. And every morning when he wakes up, the first thing he asks me is “Did the Phillies win?”…and the next thing he asks is “Did the Mets lose?”. The smile on his eight year old face this morning was priceless. Unfortunately, if he’s going to be a Phillies fan, he better get used to disappointment.

    Still, I have to admit a little self interest here. Way back in February when tickets went on sale I noticed that the Phillies were giving away a Jimmy Rollins print as one of their giveaways. Now my kid’s favorite player is Rollins so I decided that that game would be a good game to score up some tickets, take the family. Just a coincidence they decided to give this away on the last day of the season. Look for me, I’ll be the one waving the white rally towel.

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