All the so-called news that’s fit to recap

MLB Trade Rumors

I may well have recommended this site at some point, maybe even recently, but while reading it this morning I was reminded again what a great idea it was to collect all the trade rumors in one place. In part the idea works because Tim is a witty writer who does a nice job laying out the various discussions, chattering and possibilities. As we approach the July 31 trading deadline teams hoping not to be hurt by ML deals, and teams in the first waiver position hoping to be helped can stoke the fires all day (and night) long at this site.

3 thoughts on “All the so-called news that’s fit to recap”

  1. There is something about that site that gives me the creeps…feels as seedy as a basement bar. Maybe it’s the black, maybe it’s the hooror film-ish look to the “MLB Trade Rumors” banner across the top of the page, maybe it’s all the ads.

    I prefer the ben maller rumors page at fox sports.

  2. I know what you mean I think. For me it’s the intellectual property police who dog me. Isn’t it theft to recap Ken Rosenthal’s every word? On the other hand, the writer adds value, appears not to recap the original writer’s every thought, and is consistent and frugal with space.

    I haven’t read Ben Maller consistently, but his nearly every post that I’ve looked at today references a hometown newspaper stroking it’s wishlist. I’m not saying some of these dream won’t come true, but clearly a lot of them are nothing if not spurious.

    For now, give me rather than Ben Maller or Saw III.

    Or Saw II.

    Or Saw.

  3. Hmmm…it sure looks like MLB Trade Rumors simply links to hometown strokers as well, and then throws in a Ken Rosenthal for appearence sake…might just as well go to Rosenthal’s spot on By the way, speaking of seedy, is it just me or is there some disturbing quality about the way Rosenthal smiles after an interview? Like childishly macabre or something.

    Frankly, I don’t put much weight in any of these rumors sites. I think the best baseball page you ever turned me on to was ballbug.

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