Tampa Bay Devil Rays News: Kazmir No. 1?


Scott Kazmir has been pitching very well this month, which is of increasing frustration to Mets fans, who can only wonder what might have been if the then really young phenom hadn’t been traded for the now career-threatened bum Victor Zambrano.

Looking at the picture that accompanies the story, which is of Kazmir with his long stride nearly off the mound and his arm still back behind his shoulder, reminds me that part of the knock on Kazmir was that his unusual delivery led some to think he would be an injury risk.

In this story, in which his start this year is compared to Vida Blue’s historic rookie campaign, no mention is made of the potential risks for a young pitcher cast into a heavy role. Just ask Vida Blue how that turned out. (Note that Blue threw 312! innings as a 21 year old, and topped 180 10 times.)
On the other hand, Kevin Appier had the most shoulder-twisting delivery I’ve ever seen by a starter, and he got in 11 seasons with better than 180 IP—starting at age 22.

Let Kazmir throw!