Milwaukee Brewers/Pittsburgh Pirates Box Score Tuesday May 30, 2006 – Yahoo! Sports

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I’ve been tied up on the Fantasy Football Guide 2006, which wraps up this week, to think much about baseball, but I’ve noticed the Pirates the last two nights. One reason is because the offense on my Tout Wars NL team is accidentally built around the Pirates’. (Note that until yesterday this was one of the main reasons I was floundering in the second division.) I rostered Sean Casey and Craig Wilson, then added Freddy Sanchez in the end game, and Jose Bautista in the reserve round. A month in, when I needed a DH, Ronny Paulino seemed like the best pickup, on the chance that he’d stick even after Ryan Doumit came back (something there was talk of in Pittsburgh). Last night these guys combined for 11 RBI and hit better than .500. Tonight Jose Castillo is doing most of the damage, but my guys hit .350 with 3 RBI and 7 Runs. Most importantly, they all played, and I’ve moved back into the First  Division. Go Pirates.