ASK ROTOMAN: Keepers Tonight!

chrissale-smallDrafting tonight in a Keeper league, so I’m not sure if you can help me out in time. Get to carry over 4 keepers. Going to keep Donaldson, Correa, and Kershaw. Having a hard time deciding between Sale and Altuve. Suggestions?

“Sale? No Sale?”

Of course you’re having a hard time. Choosing between gold and more gold is no easy matter. There are a few things worth talking about.

  1. The simple fact is that Altuve will be taken in the Top 10, in all likelihood, in a startup (no keepers) league. Altuve is going much earlier in drafts and auctions than Sale is, so keep Altuve.
  2. No matter what pick you have in the first round, by the time the snake gets back to you in the second, in most drafts there is a good chance that Sale will still be there. So keep Altuve.
  3. Except, unless, if, in case, in your league, all the other top pitchers will be kept. If everybody else in your league is keeping two pitchers, or three, it might make sense for you to keep two. So, maybe keep Sale, if that’s the case.
  4. Another case for Sale could be made if you have an early pick in the draft, and might snag Altuve (or someone better) back, and there is a good chance Sale would be gone by the time the snake made its way back to you. Then, keep Sale.

But generally, keep Altuve.


2 thoughts on “ASK ROTOMAN: Keepers Tonight!”

  1. This is helpful, thank you.

    I should have given more insight to the situation – as you mentioned in bullet point #3, most teams ARE keeping 1-2 pitchers. The two best available pitchers (outside of Sale) are Keuchel and then Carrasco. On top of that, since I won the league last year, I have last pick in this year’s draft.
    Of all the 2B, Cano, and Kipnis are also being held as keepers, so they won’t be available.

    Any thoughts with this extra info?

    • Altuve is much more better than the other options at 2B, while Carrasco and Keuchel are fair alternatives to Sale. Not as good, but close enough. Keep Altuve.

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