ASK ROTOMAN: Schwarber, JD Martinez or Votto?

Need a third Keeper in a 2 Catcher, 6×6, 13 Team League:

We can keep three at no cost. Keeping Kershaw and Bryant.

Need to choose No. 3 from Kyle Schwarber, JD Martinez, and Joey Votto.


Forget Schwarber. He’s too young, too inexperienced, to keep over the other two. He could hit 70 homers this year, that’s a possibility, but he could also hit nine, with a .188 BA. He also doesn’t have a position, and while it will be fun to play him at Catcher this year, his defensive issues in the outfield could cost him at bats. He’s a fine guy to freeze at a good price, but he’s risky and doesn’t belong with the other two.

Here’s what you need to know about the other two: If one of your six categories is OBP, keep Votto. If one of your six categories is BA, keep Martinez.

If your six categories are weird, leave a comment with details on what they actually are.