Projections for The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2014 owners were updated

The March 15 release is complete. It has updated projections and prices for 4×4 and 5×5 leagues. Players have league identifiers.

Go to the download page, which is password protected. Fantasy Baseball Guide owners will find the password in the Guide. It is the first word of Rick Wilton’s injury report on Albert Pujols, in the hitter section of the Guide.

You can buy an electronic version of the magazine at Use the promo code rotoman2014 and get a dollar off.

You can also buy the Patton $ Data and Software, with more projections and prices updated through the first week of April. More info at

3 thoughts on “Projections for The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2014 owners were updated”

  1. I bought the Guide and I’m trying to get to the March 15th update, but hitting the link to the download page only gets the March 6th update. Please help.


    • The March 15th update was posted on March 15th. But I didn’t update the post, so it looked like the link was to the older update.

      Sorry about that. It’s fixed now.

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