ASK ROTOMAN: Quentin or Morse?

Hi Rotoman:

I’m looking through ADP and I can anticipate a problem deciding between Carlos Quentin and Mike Morse. How should I go?

“Buyers Remorse”

Dear BR:

Go elsewhere!

These two guys are not hitters you want to be making an investment in. Morse is the classic late bloomer. He didn’t really make the majors until 2010, as a 28 year old, albeit because of injuries and a couple of drug infractions. He had a big season in 2011 and hasn’t come close to duplicating that. He was hurt most of last year, had surgery and is expected to be better, but given his history the only way he should land on your team is if he’s the last sort-of regular outfielder left.

Carlos Quentin reached the majors in a more traditional manner, and had a fairly successful run in Chicago as a power hitter while in his mid-20s. He’s struggled in San Diego to stay healthy, and limited playing time and a tough park for homers has limited his value.

I would take Quentin, who is the better hitter, over Morse every time, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean he’s going to outearn him. Really, in a perfect world I’d avoid them both and find cheerier players to put on my team.