ASK ROTOMAN: When Does the Guide Arrive?

Dear Rotoman

When will the 2013 Fantasy Baseball Guide Professional Edition be out and can I order one in advance?

Best pre-season magazine ever. It made a big difference for me last season and helped me win my league…


Dear Mike:

Thanks for the kind words and the good news. That’s what we like to hear.

We just sent the Guide 2013 off to the printer. The official release date is the second Tuesday in February, which means it should start showing up in stores around February 1st. 

Also this year, I hope next week, we’ll be releasing a version of the magazine for reading online, by eReader, iPads, other tablets. We don’t have direct sales of the physical mag, but you’ll be able to find a link here on site to buy the electronic version and get access sooner. We hope that’s a help to everyone who has a problem finding the Guide in stores.

Follow #kroyte on Twitter. I’ll announce there (and here) when it’s available.

Thanks for asking!

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  1. Rotoman,

    Years ago The Fantasy Baseball Guide had a section where there was a formula for inflation in keeper leagues. I think maybe the article was from maybe seven to nine years ago? It may have been even 10 years ago. Would it be possible to have that formula again?

    Thanks in advance,


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