Clint Barmes is Dead to Me.

I try to draft my fantasy teams based on my state of the art diagnostic mathematics, but as we all know other stuff happens.

In this case, I paid the going rate this  year for Clint Barmes, a player I’ve long hated, because he was the best available dude and he earned $19 last year.  Was that stupid?

Don’t answer that. It appears to have been. Stupid, I mean.

Calculating the nexus between talent, opportunity and foregiveness is complicated, and one of the great joys and/or pains of playing fantasy baseball is the verdict. I wouldn’t mind being wrong about Barmes if he was hitting for me the way he’s hit for all the years he was hitting for someone else!

Well, the joy is getting it right, which is delightful!

So let me be blunt: As we all knew, Barmes isn’t much good, and has now apparently lost his job. And at this point I don’t care if he’s ever any good, except I know he will be as soon as I find some sucker to take him off my hands. Grrr.

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