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I used to have my sites registered at, a registrar that was cheap. It seemed, at the time, that since there was little value added by the expensive registrars, and there was little reason to pay three times the annual registration fee.

As godaddy has proved, that assessment was right. Except that was owned by a thief who sucked the company’s capital dry. (Google and prostitutes to get the whole story.) eventually imploded, stole all the money that was in accounts, and made many of us waste countless hours trying to recover our domain names. Many didn’t make it out.

In the last few weeks I’ve been spammed repeatedly by, the NEW The New that doesn’t have a positive balance in my account.

I don’t have any idea why someone would want to remind you of their connection to, but if you sign up with them you can’t say you haven’t been warned. These are stealing liars. Don’t do business with them.