Target Percentages in Action

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I’ve never seen anyone use this method for draft tracking. The basic idea: Set target goals to finish third in each category. Then rate players on your draft sheet by the percentage of the total you need in each category they provide.

I’m always skeptical of these sorts of strategies, because assuming that everyone knows what they’re doing, the value they pull out of the draft or auction is going to be roughly equivalent. Which means you should not be able to walk away from the draft board with a winning team. The proof of this is that in the example the writer uses seven of his first nine picks on hitters and just barely picks up 50 percent of the totals he needs in Runs, RBI and HR. You have to assume he’s not going to do better than that with his last seven picks.

But in leagues that don’t have much trading, especially, this seems like it would be an effective way to make sure you draft a balanced team.

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  1. Peter,

    Thanks for reviewing my article!

    I think of my Target Percentages as half of a draft day strategy. It is intended to only be used during the draft to keep you on target. It does not help you come up with your “personal” rankings.


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