About The Guide 2009

The last post I wrote was about the Fantasy Baseball Guide 2009, of which I’m the editor. I think we create an excellent preseason fantasy preview that also has, unlike nearly every other fantasy mag, value all season long. When a guy gets called up in midseason there’s a good chance he’ll be in the Guide.

The Guide also has last year’s Games Played by Position data (major leagues and minor), which you won’t find anywhere else in such easy format (for the 1500+ players included in the Guide).

I also want to point out that the Guide is a fantasy product that is fact based. The arguments made for and against players are based on information that is divulged as the argument is made. A lot of the world of baseball happens randomly, a great deal of the game’s outcomes are random, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for spouting. Maybe it’s a style thing, but I hate guys (always guys) shouting at me about what matters.

What matters isn’t shouting.

Thanks for listening, Peter.

Ps. The Guide has perceptive player profiles, the picks and pans of many industry lights, my bid prices (far in advance of the season) and access via the link in the editor’s letter to updated projections (which are way better than the mechanical projections we can do in November) and prices on the website. Plus strategy pieces from experts who won tough leagues, about how they did it. And the Creativesports.com Mock Draft, which saddled me with the first pick this year. I went with Pujols, though that isn’t the consensus choice. But that’s why we do it.