Dealing from the basement

Tout Wars NL-Only League – Joe Sheehan

Somebody has to be in last place, even in an expert league, and the usual reason (in an expert league) is the last place team suffered an inordinate number of injuries. It can be argued that avoiding injuries is a skill, at least sometimes, but most injuries are pretty random. This is especially true in auction leagues, where at least two people agree on each player’s fair (including injury risk) price.

Joe Sheehan’s Tout Wars piece this week (like all of this remarkable series running on Sportsline) describes his measured plan to climb out of the basement. One of his prime motivations, it seems, was to not break the Ask Rotoman record for worst finish in Tout Wars AL!

Reading this, I was stunned. I reeled. I rocked. I’ve had some bad years, but I didn’t know that I held the record for worst finish ever (I’m pretty sure this is in the AL version of the league). Then I remembered: The year was 2000. The draft was in Chicago. I couldn’t attend and I asked a guy who wrote for my magazine that year to represent Ask Rotoman.

Over the years there have been some bad Rotoman teams, and I was responsible for all of them, except that record breaker. For the record.