Ask Rotoman: Head-to-Head How-To

Rotoman…As always I appreciate your advice….I have been doing rotisserie leagues for a long time now, and have always had pretty good success…however, the past two seasons I have been in two head-to-head leagues and have finished poorly both times…

Is there a different strategy or different players you target in head-to-head leagues? My teams always seem to have a good run for about 5-6 weeks in the middle of the season where everyone is hitting and my team dominates, but my teams always seem to go through an end-of-year slump and lose when it actually counts (in the end of the season and the playoffs)…

“Gimme H2H”

Dear Gimme:

The only Head to Head game I’ve played, apart from Strat-o-matic, is Scoresheet, so I’m no expert. Strat and Scoresheet are great games, but they use different rules than roto and points based fantasy leagues, so the H2H doesn’t really translate.

While I’m not expert, I host a discussion board that is frequently visited by some really smart and talented fantasy players who, it just so happens, recently started talking about H2H. You can find the thread here.

One thing I know for sure because I studied it in regards to fantasy football, which SteveP affirms in his encyclopedic posts at the end of the thread: Streakiness doesn’t matter. Collect the best aggregate stats you can and be done with it. Your results will rise or fall depending on how lucky you were. The H2H format increases hugely the luck factor in the final results, but there isn’t anything you can do about that.

You want to get the most stats, and this thread at the Ask Rotoman Discussion Board will help you get them.