2002 Tout Wars Draft

Ask Rotoman :: Yeah, 2002

I have to admit, I was giddy. I wrote up who I was going to buy and why the night before the 2002 Tout Wars draft, and then submitted commentary later about why things changed.

They changed mostly because Albert Pujols went for $28. We have to adapt.

Still, even with a $28 Pujols my askrotoman.com squad finished fifth, as it had in 2001 and 2000. For some reason revealing who I was going to buy before the auction didn’t get me a better team. It got me a mediocre one.

Revisiting the 2002 draft story reminds me that we inevitably spout all kinds of booshwah because we’re excited and interested and we can. And we know stuff. The future careers of baseball players is in their hands. We get to judge, but they get to gloriously prove us wrong.

Those are the moments we should live for.

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  1. As someone who has done two expert auctions and four expert drafts, I’d agree. Certainly, having a plan going in helps, and you do want to feel good about your team coming out of the auction. But there is a lot of variability, and it is a different animal auctioning with 11 or 12 other owners who you’ve never competed against before. These expert rooms are some tough rooms. This isn’t a cop-out as to why I have “only” won an expert league once, but the reality of playing in these types of leagues. We’re all good.

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