Selig issues statement after Barry Bonds ties all-time home run record

I’m trying to think how I would have worded my statement, if I were the commissioner. I can’t imagine a situation in which I, the exalted commish with excellent knowledge, would have released Bud’s weak-assed document.

I think something along the lines of: “Barry Bonds has hit as many major league home runs as any player ever has. I will be traveling with the Giants to make sure tha t I see the record breaking homer when he achieves what no other hitter has done.”

That’s it. Sometime soon Barry Bonds is going to break the record. Those of us who follow and track baseball stats know that Bonds’ total homers don’t equal the achievement of Babe Ruth. Not when the stats are equalized. But that’s background for argument and bar rooms and sabermetrics. If the question is who hit the most homers in mlb history, why would the commissioner shrink from declaring Bonds the one?