Braves demote Wickman

08/24/2007 –

I think this move means that the Braves have a suitor in line for Wickman, though it’s hard to see how starting the clock can improve trade leverage.

If they don’t, and they’re just dumping his sorry self, especially since Dotel isn’t ready to step up, it is very much a break from tradition.

Who becomes the Braves’ closer?

Rafael Soriano wins in the near term, but this sure seems like it’s tied to another move.

We shall see.

1 thought on “Braves demote Wickman”

  1. For the life of me, I can’t understand why they just got rid of him lock, stock and barrel…could he not have been useful in another roll? Or was he too pig-headed to accept anything other than the closer’s job?

    I think there was some behind the scenes stuff here…it just doesn’t add up. His numbers weren’t pretty, but the Braves can’t tell me he was their *worst* bullpen pitcher.

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