Bradley NOT Traded to the Royals

Baseball Digest Daily

If I didn’t have Milton Bradley on my AL only team in the American Dream League I might be paying less attention to this. Also, Baseball Digest Daily is not a site I was familiar with, but they’re saying ESPN got it wrong. If they’re right it would a feather in their caps.

On the same American Dream League team I have John Thomson, who did go to the Royals today. I think it’s a good idea, generally, for the worst teams to look to the castoffs of better teams. Thomson was hurt last year, and hasn’t been dominant in his minor league rehab assignment, but if he gets it together he’s a serviceable back of the rotation guy who knows enough about pitching to get hot at some point.

In the meantime, Milton Bradley may be a Royal, or he may go on the DL for the fourth time this year. What’s the record on that?