Tout Wars – Battle of the Experts

The draft list

One of the great disappointments of Tout Wars is that we’ve never figured out how to make the live experience work for those with the good sense not to visit a hotel somewhere in the New York area on a day they could be seeing the Allman Brothers in their annual visit to the Beacon Theater.

But the first few rounds of this year’s AL draft as recorded here tell a story that Matt Berry better back up with results. He bought Santana, he bought Halladay, both for relative cheap (because the so-called experts are wimpy when it comes to pitching), but then he interestingly continued to buy star powered players.

He turned a lesson in how experts don’t value pitching enough into a lesson in how you should buy chalk players, and let everyone else scramble. It may have worked out, but we’ll need the resurrection of the Tout Wars software to let us know who Matt is actually jamming with.

What we know now for sure is that (barring catostrophic injury) he won the league by grabbing Santana and Carpenter at those prices. Unless he paid too much for his other guys.

(Tout Wars NL will be taking place Sunday morning, March 25, at 9am, at the Marriott whatever at 6th Ave and 42nd Street. See you there.)