a baseball stats database and search engine

I received a press release today about enth.com, another database of baseball stats since 1871. The interesting things they’ve got going:

They’ll have daily updates with inseason stats from Stats Inc., and

They have developed a natural language query to get at the data.

Which means you can ask Which player hit the most Home Runs in 2006 and played more than 20 games at shortstop, and get a list of the top 10. The problem right now is if you ask the same question but substitute 2003 in the query you get no answer.

But that’s what beta software is for. Will this prove to be a better approach than those used at baseball-reference.com and baseballmusings.com? I think I’m always going to prefer a forms based system, but I’m not ruling out the possibility. And it’s always great to see smart people giving us a chance to explore new systems.

Good luck, enth.com.